What the programme provides

The overall aim of the Supply Chain programme is to support farmers working together, and with others, to improve the rewards from their supply chain.

  • Facilitation - A professional business facilitator will be provided, without charge to the group, to work with the members and progress its supply chain development ideas. A facilitator will be assigned to each applicant group and be available throughout the life of the programme up to a maximum of 2 years. The scheme permits groups to receive no more than 5 days facilitation per month or 25 per year.
  • Specialist Mentoring - Groups can avail of up to 75 hours of specialist mentoring through the scheme over the course of a 2 year period. Specialists in Marketing, E Commerce and Business Formation are available to assist in developing Business Plans tailored to the needs of individual groups.
  • Training - Up to £5000 per group is available towards the full cost of training members to develop the capability of the group to achieve its goals. For example, a venison group obtained a Deer Stalking Certificate (DSC) - This course trained members in the basics of humane killing and stalking of deer, deer welfare and hygienic carcase handling.
  • Business Tools - Up to £5000 is available to cover the full cost of management tools, and expertise in their use, linked to the development or implementation of a business/ action plan for the group. Examples include: Websites, Promotional Material and A Company Logo.
  • Co-operation Support - 50% funding to a maximum of £2500 is available towards costs associated with co-operation, including professional/ legal advice or services for the group. Groups have availed of this support when drafting shareholders agreements and supply/ purchase contracts.
  • Study Tours - 75% of the cost per participant up to a maximum of £3000 per group, is available for study tours linked closely to the development needs of the group. For example, groups have visited European and North American destinations to examine best practise in similar projects they are developing new markets for.